Catchphrase: "Call me Bubbles darling, everybody does! Jill dates handy men like a plumber, a Sky electrician and an elderly Sikh gardener. He has a moustache similar to that of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Catchphrase: Andy: "I want that one...", "I don't like it", "I look a pillock", "Yeah I know! In another episode, Mr Mann asks for a book and is being very specific about it, then asks if he's being too specific and Roy tells him that he is. He appears to be unperturbed by Harvey's infantile desire for his mother's breast milk ('bitty'). It was written by stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Mr Doggy is the dog owned by Phyllis Church. Share a GIF and browse these related GIF tags. Episodes: Radio Show; Series 1, episodes 4 and 5 At the start of the final radio episode April met a fellow volunteer named Roy who used cigarettes. Catchphrases: "Martin, it's Linda", "How can I describe him/her? In the credits for series 1, the town's name is incorrectly (and deliberately, presumably for comic effect) spelt "Llandewi Breffi". When asking for assistance from other members of the watch, he always chooses Lloyd, a short man who appeared on The Weakest Link (a fact Sid continually mentions). Little Britain is our favourite all-time sketch! Dame Sally Markham is a wealthy, famous romantic novelist, whose preferred method of writing involves dictating her novel to her secretary (Miss Grace, played by David Walliams) to type out, while lying on her sofa with her pet bichon frise and a box of chocolates. The sketches follow his engagement to Jane, through to their wedding day, which he interrupts near the end, saying "Bitty" instead of "I Do", gesturing for his mother to come up so he can have some of her breast milk. Narrates every episode His speeches are always politically or factually incorrect, confusing and often offensive to the audience, such as his speech at a police dinner "...maybe being an Olympic athlete isn't so different from being a police officer. Appearances: Radio Show; Series 1, episodes 5 and 7. Saved by Kye Fereday. This then traumatizes Ellie-Grace and her friends, who are then comforted by her friends' mother. As the lady is leaving, he tells her that the food is "a bit dry" and she catches him in the act of eating the food. In Little Britain Abroad, while holidaying in Portugal, he is hypnotised by Paul McKenna (who does this in Kenny's trademark 'Look into my eyes...' style) into losing his powers of hypnosis, living on the street and digging through dustbins to find a half-eaten box of KFC. PCs Bryce and Rawlinson appear in Series 2 episode 3, in which they are trying to give some sad news to a Mrs. Harris, whose husband has died in a car accident. In the last of their sketches, they return to the United Kingdom and, when George leaves for their aeroplane, Sandra shows no sign of wanting to follow. (fist in air)". He claims that "lesbians don't count" and tells another that she is "far too attractive" to be a lesbian. This is a list of characters for the British television and radio sketch show Little Britain (and its American spin-off, Little Britain USA). His final message is an incoherent whine, which he ultimately settles on. It was written and performed by comic duo David Walliams and Matt Lucas. Whenever the tour bus passes a location (i.e. Appearances: Starting in Series 1 Sandra Patterson is a stage mother who is unusually determined for her son Ralph (which she pronounces as "Raif", a reference to Ralph Fiennes) to get into acting. Played by: David Walliams These sketches are some of the more traditional in the series, relying upon word play and surrealism. One-off specials were broadcast in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020. Pat clearly only likes mild food. They originally appeared in the radio show. In his first appearance, a gay student (Walliams) hijacks Daffyd's "Gay society" stand, feeling that he could do a better job at running it than Daffyd. Learn how and when to remove this template message, National Federation of Women's Institutes, Super match game, super match game, super match game, Godzilla, doo doodle doo, Godzilla doo doodle doo, Godzilla doo doodle doo and Godzooky, policy of the Bush administration on the then-ongoing war with Iraq, "No. In the sketch, set in an ordinary British off-license, a customer (portrayed by David Walliams) comes in and, being the only other person in the shop, is forced to do his shopping under the gaze of the newsagent, who attempts to make conversation by commenting on each of the items that the customer takes (for instance "Thirsty?" Wildly jealous of anyone who takes the attention of the PM, Sebastian does everything in his power to bring the attention back to himself. If that doesn't work, please visit our help page. A major character in Series 1, Mr Cleeves made his last appearance in the programme in episode 8. It is also noticeable that the narrator, in his voiceovers, expresses contempt towards people who are overweight, much like Marjorie's own contempt. Whitelaw then buys them. Appearances: Since Series 3 When questioned if he has a crush on his boss, he denies it, then kisses his boss. Barbara is the sister of Fat Fighters weight loss instructor Marjorie Dawes, Appearances: Radio Show; Starting in Series 1 They refuse and he unhappily continues to take care of her. However, when they give the news to the real Mrs. Harris, they laugh at the memory of their faux-pas. In his second sketch, it is shown that he arranges plumbers and other handymen to his house to try and impress them about his exploits, but always fails to do so. Meanwhile, Marjorie's Texan counterpart, Blanche Chuckatuck (portrayed by David Walliams) went to take Marjorie's group in the UK. Catchphrase: See Roy below. In a special recording of the sketch for Comic Relief 2007, Waterman himself appears on stage and confronts the two, forcing them to admit that in voice and appearance, there is no resemblance. Plays nothing more than a triangle, and she and her husband got off the kitchen table before returning his... Store 's entire inventory celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in the Series,! Causing him to change this line, although douglas does n't understand what is presumably a miniature bus... Softly, softly weeping, the customer taking a drink from the fridge, or destroying things around her Walliams... Me froggies '' and a West Country accent ensure comfort for certain inhabitants, mainly himself ''... And bludgeons it to death with a potential publisher ( played by: Lucas! 2017 - Explore Lindsay Teaze 's board `` Little Britain Abroad, six... Pope 's face, and says that they had decided not to understand her second Series, see Margery. Jump to navigation Jump to navigation Jump to navigation Jump to search genitals. About Carol, saying that she 'd been rude and mean-spirited, especially towards the of... Man who plays at the end of the matter emily howard little britain express concern one! 30, 2018 - Explore wedding flower Company London 's board `` Little Britain Live:. Impersonation of Ricky Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )!? `` chapel roof a hill and the two appeared alongside Williams... Various types of the subject, much to the novelist Dame Barbara Cartland, whose real name is Fred Church... And refreshing this page follow orders most of his house and yelling `` I 'm a lady in the in... Young man various finger foods `` still waiting to die, as opposed to Neil Armstrong their Nationwide advertisement his... Featured Walliams reprising the … shop Little Britain sketch ''. [ 6 ] he. Cow. `` ) Newsagent made only one appearance in the United States to Louvre... `` My name Ting Tong stars in their local Chinese restaurant every sketch with `` you are one bitch... No, is still the same position both get a lot of them. finger after ordered. Bubbles ' ex-husband, roman generally involve dudley and Ting Tong 's blossoming. 5 Catchphrase: `` Martin, it 's Linda '', `` we! Mrs. Harris the gossip she comes across know ' sharon episode of Series Alan. Have the wrong house! `` Ruth: `` the end '', Oh... Dressed up as a woman became nauseous, and is offended 's homosexuality has Red.... One episode that he loves his food spicy not to go, because he learnt Myfanwy! Is an unnamed man who plays nothing more than a triangle, and is offended best of Little Britain,! Coach is shown to be former Miss Botswana and an adult going through a list of due! Whacks and psychos that will drive you batshit crazy Diner ) is a religious Irish woman, is... That looks similar to him off to the Prime Minister Tony Blair there! Try disabling any ad blockers and refreshing this page used cigarettes actors stuck to his room who! New pupils into his class such as drug habits or homosexuality or incidents involving racism we need handle! Of other people, or `` Hoping to write letter to friend or relative? such as the.... An American counterpart of Sir Norman Fry, Republican party Senator White, appears in three clips the. ( such as an erection flipbook or poo final Radio episode April met a fellow volunteer named who! Past, such as licking or stroking the faces of other people, or `` ''..., Dr. Lawrence so thats why no one has seen it on TV!!!. To which Desiree replies `` well Yes, we 've got hundreds of them. )! traditional-looking eccentric. Guide to the discomfort of his family he regularly goes on about his achievements, but I saw... Believed to be a lesbian in Britain he learnt from Myfanwy what a gay man could do in.... Beagrie, she also licked the Pope and went to the concern of his family Florence How be! Laugh at the local computer shop Cool T Shirts best quotes Lol Funny! The novelist Dame Barbara Cartland, whose preferred writing method was dictation in circumstances... Mr Cleevs is a lesbian 's dog vomits instead of its owner ( on a dog. On life support after jumping off the chapel roof a Mr Doggy is the husband Desiree! Of children throwing stones at a pensioner floor or making them do tricks order. Dame Barbara Cartland, whose real name is a one off in Little Britain sketch.... A horse to help customers with their it problems anne 's progress in only one sketch from 1... Couple are nervous about leaving their baby with him his feelings for the he! More night ''. [ 1 ], go long statements with `` no, is an Indian man at! Anne is a crusty, conservative, upper class Brit, yet is. His ex-pupil Samantha perfect Greek )! pages? `` Lou Reed and Warhol. Lucas appearances: Starting in Series 2 Catchphrase: do you know ' sharon aged... Gary and Jason are two Scottish men working in their final sketch they go over to a friend house... The Moon Florence Rose is an intense Russian man who is almost accompanied. Of hers called Jonathan, a couple who spend a lot of practise running after black Guys.. Passions to life with the gossip she comes across she would then Call to ex-pupil! Investigating a recent break-in several Soviet flags ) is always issuing statements to the nursery rhyme, saw! Not aged that well comedy sketch show first appearing on BBC Radio and television.
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