We educate visitors about the wonderful health benefits these product have to offer. Coratina EVOO-Robust Intensity *Crush Date: May 2020 This a very high quality, robust Coratina. Its mouthfeel is harmonious, round, and full-bodied. The flavor characteristics are defined by leafy green flavors of green tea, nettle, mint, and black pepp Add Anatomico Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your pantry by ordering it today. The Olive Oil Taproom is an Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Vinegar Free Tasting Room. MADE IN ITALY: The fertile region of Puglia is home to over 60 million olive trees and is where we harvest all of our olives. .17 acidity, Robust, Puglia Italy, Italian family farm, Single Source, High Polyphenol, 500ml (16.9 FL OZ) 4.6 out of 5 stars 54 $32.45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coratina, Gold Medal NYIOOC 2020! Chilean Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) The palate will enchant you, with a delightful carefreeness of creamy banana, a tingle of chicory and a nuttiness reminiscent of macadamia nut that lingers with you! 200ml - $15.95. 375ml - $19.95. Coratina $ 7.00 – $ 32.00. Address. Pick A Variation. SKU: N/A Category: Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils. It has a strong bitterness and notable, persistent pungency. Anatomico's Coratina olive oil is organic and extra virgin, offering enhanced taste and greater benefits. Coratina Single-Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil; First Cold-Pressed, Unfiltered, Unadulterated; 100% Texas Grown and Pressed; Non-GMO and Natural Growing Methods; Classic Italian Coratina Olive Oil with Texas Roots. $15.95.
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