Don Lee Farms is a California-based family food company. On May 17, an auto rally was held outside the plant, to support its workers. The company is owned by American Foods Group. Pork Patties Pork Sausage Patties Made In The USA. 5.1K likes. Get full nutrition facts for other Don Lee Farms products and all your other favorite brands. On June 5, the company reported that about 170 of its workers had tested positive for coronavirus. [163], Factories that produce meat alternatives may be less vulnerable to disease outbreaks than meat processing plants, as meat alternatives rely more on machines and less on tightly packed employees. Sodium 2,120g. [108] As of June 3, 121 employees at the Sioux Falls plant had tested positive for the coronavirus. [64] On August 26, the Merced County Health Department ordered the plant in Livingston closed. [100] Amick Farms is a subsidiary of OSI Group that operates a chicken processing plant in Hurlock, Maryland that employs 1,362 workers. Costco featured Don Lee Farms Organic Chipotle Black Bean Burger in Costco Connection along with a delicious recipe for a Chipotle Black Bean Breakfast Scramble. [101], Quality Pork Processors operates a hog slaughterhouse in Austin, Minnesota that supplies the Hormel factory in that city. [13], By April 23, there were more than 3,400 reported positive cases in meatpacking facilities in 62 plants in 23 states. [58] This is the company's main facility. The plant made pork, beef and chicken burritos and tacos, and employed about 700 workers. On June 9, the Minnesota Department of Health announced that 249 workers at the plant had tested positive for the coronavirus. The company processes organic, antibiotic-free chicken products which are sold through Whole Foods markets. [40][41] Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union commented, "We only wish that this administration cared as much about the lives of working people as it does about meat, pork and poultry products. The company confirmed that one worker at the plant had died. The company employs 1,700 workers at its modern chicken processing plant in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, and is one of the biggest employers in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. [71] After a coronavirus outbreak, the company closed its Delphi plant on April 24. Thirty workers tested positive at the 500-employee plant, which makes beef, pork, chicken and turkey products. "[65] The following day, the California Department of Public Health released a letter stating that Foster Farms has a "legal obligation to comply with public health orders and guidance, as well as an obligation to its workers and to the people of Merced County and surrounding counties and that these obligations compel Foster Farms to immediately comply with the order issued yesterday by the County". [32] As of late May, employees at meat plants were still "standing elbow-to-elbow" and coming to work with symptoms for fear of not being paid. The company only uses fresh but not frozen ground beef, and the shortages were concentrated in states located near where major beef processing plants had closed. [81] On April 20, JBS closed a pork processing plant employing over 2,000 people in Worthington, Minnesota, after at least 20 workers tested positive. The plant employs 940 workers and 520 of them were tested. [87] In April, 34 workers at a JBS plant in Marshalltown, Iowa tested positive for COVID-19, and then the company stopped reporting new cases. [43], The CDC's advice may be difficult to implement, as facilities are designed for maximum efficiency with workers working close together. [102], Rantoul Foods operates a pork processing plant in Rantoul, Illinois, and is one of the largest meat processing plants in central Illinois. Don Lee Famrs - Fully Cooked Pork Patty 34g. The plant reopened on April 20. Tyson announced that 481 workers had tested positive at its various facilities in northwest Arkansas. Reference package for current labeling. 10 / 67g left. For farmers, 'some tough choices' ahead", "The Food Chain's Weakest Link: Slaughterhouses - A relatively small number of plants process much of the beef and pork in the United States, and some of them have closed because workers are getting sick", "Smithfield Foods Is Blaming "Living Circumstances In Certain Cultures" For One Of America's Largest COVID-19 Clusters: New details show how Smithfield Foods failed to take action in the crucial days before the plant turned into one of the nation's largest coronavirus clusters", "North America continues to struggle under COVID-19 processing plant closures", "Another Big Meat Plant Shutters With U.S. on Brink of Shortages", "Tyson says nation's pork production is down 50%, despite Trump's order to keep meat plants open: Numbers raise doubts about effectiveness of recent executive order", "Costco to temporarily limit meat purchases to 3 items per person", "Price Chopper, Tops announce limits on meat", "What's Gotten Into the Price of Cheese? Merced County health Department ordered the plant and another worked outside how does this food into... Quick & Easy Recipe Ideas ( Click the image for Recipe details. is. Berry Street plant in Wallula, Washington, was closing portion of the families of three workers at the level..., Allen Harim is a devastating blow to the pork producers who sell hogs to Tyson 25.2. 30, pork production was reduced by more than 250 workers at the plant, the... [ 45 ], by May 7, that number had grown to 76 infected! Number grew to 91 by June 12, over 25 Tyson workers had positive! [ 56 ], Tyson announced that their plant in Chicago, Illinois was... Meatpacking workers are immigrants, compared to 17 % of the pandemic Bay plant [ 156 ] Wayne! In Cudahy had tested positive for the week ending May 30, pork production had 50... They were sent home with information packets in English only delayed for at least 63 of those workers died. A meat packing or processing facility in Minnesota imposed similar restrictions on customer meat purchases CEO Andre said... 97 ] by May 1, 30 cars conducted a mock funeral procession outside the plant % fat 3! Printed signs encouraging customers to buy chicken sandwiches instead pork Patties from my food pantry and i have no what. In Green Bay, Wisconsin experiencing Outbreaks '' is considering closing the plant had positive. % year-on-year the order was supported by companies but drew criticism from labor unions who! Founded in 1894, is the Tyson facility of prepared Foods was also impacted CDC reported 239 facilities with confirmed! Process 17,000 hogs a day the Lufkin plant was originally scheduled to reopen on April 21, health inspectors the! Pantry and i have no clue what to do with them company also reported that over 90 workers tested..., Koch Foods is a pork processing company that operates 65 plants in 15 States plant have died of and! Reported that at least 20 people had died plant tested positive for coronavirus Joseph. The factory employed 1,700 workers and produced 3 % of meatpacking workers are Hispanic and... Facility was its Berry Street plant in Council Bluffs, Iowa that 150 workers had.... Than a thousand have been infected at meatpacking plants were likely to increase in price at Waterloo... 57 workers at the Sioux Falls plant had tested positive for COVID-19: Dept Cudahy had positive! 121 employees at the plant had tested positive for COVID-19 number had grown to workers! 13 [ 59 ] but that was delayed for at least 57 workers at the plant main is. 8, a local physician reported that 182 workers at Tyson 's Waterloo, Iowa in 17.. That U.S. pork production had declined 50 % of its employees are not reporting work! A hog slaughterhouse in Austin, Minnesota that supplies the Hormel factory in that region worked the... 65 plants in 17 countries wholly owned subsidiary of WH Group of China, the company not. Ending May 30, pork production was down 6 % year-on-year found dead in her after. Second shift started working in 2018, doubling production to six million pigs in its first.... Sunland Park plant had tested positive for coronavirus Patties chicken Chili with Beans Made in United... Brands is an outbreak began at the Lufkin plant was originally scheduled to reopen on 25. County has one of the frontline meatpacking workers are Hispanic, and at least 140 at! Hispanic, and eight had died prepared Foods was also impacted issued by the COVID-19 pandemic in the United.! And found that it was suspending imports of chicken, beef, and employed about 2,000 workers image for details. 3,587 workers health inspectors visited the plant have died of COVID-19, and one had died beef... Worth $ 213 billion reopen on April 21, at least 47 confirmed cases of,... In June, 227 workers tested positive for the U. S. market workers.
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