Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Muddy Waters lyrics. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Rollin' Stone This song is by Muddy Waters and appears… on the compilation album The Chess Box (1989) on the compilation Chess Blues (1992) on the compilation album One More Mile (1994) on the compilation album Rollin' Stone - the Golden Anniversary Collection (2000) "Rollin' Stone" is a blues song recorded by Muddy Waters in 1950. 0. Waters wasn't the first to use the term "Rollin' Stone" in a song: Hank Williams beat him to it by a year with "Lost Highway," which contains the line, "I'm a rolling stone, all alone and lost. Darryl - August 15, 2014 - No comments - Top 500 Songs of All Time Lyrics. Share Tweet. Still a Fool", recorded by Muddy Waters a year later using the same arrangement and melody, reached number nine on the Billboard R&B chart. She said, "C'mon in now, Muddy You know, my husband just now left Sure 'nough, he just now left Sure 'nough, he just now left Oh Lord, oh well, oh well Well, my mother told my father, Just before hmmm, I was born, "I got a boy child's comin', Gonna be, he gonna be a rollin' stone, Sure 'nough, he's a rollin' stone Sure 'nough, he's a rollin' stone" Muddy Waters:Rollin’ Stone Lyrics. Original lyrics of Rollin Stone song by Muddy Waters. He's gonna be, he's gonna be a rollin stone, Sure 'nough, he's a rollin stone Sure 'nough, he's a rollin stone" Oh well he's a, oh well he's a, oh well he's a Well, I feel, yes I feel, feel that I could lay down oh, time ain't long I'm gonna catch the first thing smokin, back, back down the … It is his interpretation of "Catfish Blues", a Delta blues that dates back to 1920s Mississippi. " SHARES.
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