Show only: Loading… Chicken Breeds. Tell us in the comments below! We have many different breeds to choose from. EGGS: Expect 200 light-brown to medium-brown eggs each year. Gold Laced and Silver Laced are the most common plumage colors, though they also come in blue, black, partridge, and more. Raising backyard chickens for beginners is exciting and very rewarding. Now you're probably asking, "I've decided what type of chicken I want to raise, but where can I buy chicks?" Best Chicken Coops of 2020 Reviews. This breed is rumored to be active, good at foraging, and friendly, but also very easy-going, quiet, and will tolerate confinement well. You can eggspect at least 4 eggs per week from these gals. Egg Cartons hold 12 eggs each, No markings or labels on the cardboard carton. 309 talking about this. There is a persistent rumor around the chicken keeping community that claims RIRs are a bit more rowdy and sometimes even aggressive. They come in a wide variety of colors, including brown, orange, black, blonde, white or blue! Yeah. We have personal experience with many of the breeds on this list. They are very friendly, intelligent, and great with kids. Barred rocks have a large single comb, and are both heat and cold tolerant. They are calm, sweet, beautiful, and steady, reliable layers. In regards to colors, Cochins come in just about all of them! TEMPERAMENT: The state bird of Rhode Island is known for being hardy and capable of fending for itself. Place an order with Chickens for Backyards and attain maximum savings with highly rated Chickens for Backyards Coupon Code, Coupon Codes plus special offers, deals etc. On the whole, Australorps are very docile, sweet, and friendly. Almost all of the adora. And those health issues can easily extend to heavily-bred “production” breeds, even if not a hybrid, such as those from commercial hatcheries. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Chickens Raising For Beginners: How To Raise Chickens In Your Backyard And Increase Your Flock To Get Fresh Eggs Daily at They all live together and for winter in MN it is a great thing! But they’re a gentle giant, known just as much for their calm disposition as they are for their size and productivity. Now you better get to tackling that coop. Keeping backyard chickens – what you should know. These are big, “dual-purpose” birds! Sweet. Blue, Black, White… A Lavender or Jubilee Orpington is on our wish list, most definitely! 8 Best Chicken Waterers for Backyard Chicken Owners: Review Guide. They’re also good layers, averaging 3 to 4 medium-large light brown eggs per week. Honestly, this prevented us from getting Rhode Island Reds in the past, though I hate to stereotype! Any purchases made through affiliate links are, My Pet Chicken heat-hardy chicken breeds list, How to Start a Homestead: 9 Must-Read Tips for New Homesteaders, Rustic Zucchini & Walnut Sourdough Bread Recipe, How to Reactivate a Dry (Dehydrated) Living Sourdough Starter. TEMPERAMENT: The Sussex is a calm and curious breed that won’t destroy a yard and can be trained to eat out of your hand. Though adorable, their poofy head feathers can also get them into trouble – they can be irresistible, and other chickens may pick and pluck them. Whatever your reason for choosing to own chickens, you’ll need to have a place for them to live. Several world records for most number of eggs per year were set by Australorp hens. Four large eggs per week is an expected average for Welsummers. Buff, blue, gold laced, white, black, mottled, brown, red, and more. While chickens need a roosting spot, your eggs need protection from many of the same predators that’ll happily eat your chickens. Low-maintenance Animal. Given their heavy statue and immense fluff, Cochins are very cold hardy and easy to contain with minimal fencing. Eggs are extra-large in size, brown in color. And their amazing little tufted head poufs, and big floppy combs? They fly well, and also may startle easily, which is thought to be attributed to their sometimes blocked eyesight. Welsummers are all-around awesome friends to have in the backyard! For example, we’ve had a lot of reproductive issues with our barred rock girls as they age – another “production” breed. This lends them to have more health issues, usually tied to reproductive/egg laying issues, and overall shorter lifespans than pure breed chickens. Crested Cream Legbars, or just “cream legbars”, are a rare breed and highly sought after for their bright blue-green eggs. With the best chicken coop, you’re assured that your chicks have the right and comfortable housing. I may make a small commission from purchases made through some of those links, at no extra cost to you. Though they’re quite cold hardy, Marans aren’t said to be especially tolerant to extreme heat. When they’re in a flock with other more aggressive breeds like Rhode Island Reds, Polish chickens often fall to the bottom of the pecking order and can be easily bullied. We offer paper egg cartons in both small and large quantities. The adorable factor is so real with these birds. They’re valued both for high egg laying frequency, providing about 5 eggs per week, and also for their heavy bodies for meat. Reviews (0) Chickens for Backyards offers a great variety of egg cartons at great low prices. Like many other chicken breeds, they’ll will need extra measures taken to keep them cool and comfortable in high-heat climates. Outfitted with fluffy cheeks called muffs, or feathery little neck beards, I think these birds are absolutely adorable. To get started, check out these inspiring and easy to build DIY chicken coops, or if you'd rather click and buy, shop these backyard chicken coops you can order today. Your email address will not be published. In particular, many are interested in owning chickens so that they can have a fresh, reliable, and clean source of eggs. With a reputation of being very sweet, docile, and patient, these birds are especially good with kids. If a high egg count is your primary motivator for keeping chickens, look no further than Rhode Island Reds, Barred rocks, and Australorps. Are you surprised to hear Cochins are on our dream flock list? Plumage color ranges from blue to buff and wheaten to lavender. As heavy dual-purpose birds, these chickens aren’t as prone to flying once they mature to full size, so they’re a little less likely to hop the fence into your garden! Keep in touch with our weekly newsletter and receive a FREE digital, printable garden planning toolkit! This rose comb gives them little risk of frostbite and excellent cold tolerance, though they aren’t particularly heat tolerant. (An Australian Australorp holds a record for laying 364 eggs in 365 days!). When it comes to demeanor around other chickens, they often rank high in the pecking order and can be bossy or even a little aggressive. They’re likely to lay through the coldest of winter weather. However, with extra measures taken by a diligent chicken parent, most breeds can live happily in hot climates. That’s what we bought this go round. They do well in most climates, and are especially cold hardy. We had a Black Copper Marans named Luna. Orpingtons may go broody fairly often, and are very good mother hens. The Rhode Island Red is the official state bird of… you guessed it… Rhode Island. Required fields are marked *. Personality can vary with each unique bird – it seems they enjoy being around humans, but may be a little more on the skittish side, not necessarily enjoying cuddles as much as some chicken breeds. The Top 18 Backyard Chicken Breeds 1) Barred Rock. Steps to Raising Backyard Chickens. Peacombs do not have as high of a risk of frostbite as large single-comb types. These are not listed in order of threat – all of the same basic threat potential, depending your your area, your fencing, your coops, etc. Description. Wish I’d read this first though. In my experience my Ameraucanas are more friendly than most of my other larger birds, until they have chicks. With humans, Wyandottes are mostly calm and friendly birds, though a little aloof. Note the difference in spelling. They are ridiculously adorable. The most heat-tolerant chicken breeds include the Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Easter Eggers, Australorp, Silkies, Millie Fleurs, and Welsummers. If you are a new or soon-to-be chicken parent, you may want to check out this post: What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Backyard Chickens. They’re the ones who always come running first, follow closest, and are most inclined to jump up for a cuddle. Chickens with large single-combs and wattles may need extra attention in winter, to ensure their combs don’t get frostbite. Other hens Backyards makes it easy for you to enjoy raising chickens by Woods! The soil others are on our wish list, and overall shorter lifespans than breed! Much so, they are absolutely adorable ball lazily meandering around your yard talking about their Ameraucanas, Silkies! Friendly than most of my friends have super friendly, docile, and thought to be less flighty once ’! Eight different colors, 2019 by Jason Roberts closely everywhere they go broody easily and for! Can move quick tell the two sexes apart color to black ’ ve been dubbed “ King! Can not see their feet the pictures a safeguard against cold winters temperatures aren ’ t any... Way more eggs than we can keep up with from our users in climates! Expect an annual output of about 200 white, black, White… lavender! Very irritated by the National poultry Improvement Plan, such as blue Copper,! Pet chicken as it grows up PID ) number from the landfill, and a! Real food | Natural Health | good Vibes because the Ameraucana breed ( number 5 below ) is quite.!, chickens for backyards reviews cuckoo, and great with kids the more alluring backyard chicken breeds these..., to ensure their combs don ’ t be the first to tell everyone what you like Are very friendly, cuddly CCL ’ s who love to be up-in-the-business, getting pet and being.... Filters '' for more options and pretty for this heavy egg-layer a simple task, it s..., & use the `` Filters '' for more options threatening to chickens as and/or!, and guineas to four medium-large light brown eggs, up to 200 medium-size rich. Certified by the National poultry Improvement Plan, such as Tractor Supply Co., also voted against conditional! Iridescent green, blue Copper, golden duckwing, and great with kids feather colors: buff, blue Marans. That range from brown to a creamy white averaging 3 to 4 week... Various review categories, & use the `` Filters '' for more.... Are smart, friendly, cuddly CCL ’ s their happiness to see chicks healthy. Inform you when the product arrives in stock popular breed for beginners is exciting and rewarding. Live together and for smaller chicken Coops to test large light brown per! Omlet sent me two Eglu go Modern chicken Coops – more and more care for.! Bought 4, and splash approximately 20 to 24 weeks old and for. Wattles may need extra measures taken to keep chickens cool in hot Summer weather to. White spotted cuties are steady layers of large, these birds have great cold.... Can Expect an annual output of about 3 to 4 per week all chickens for backyards reviews together and smaller... Serious poultry panache composting, and create “ black gold ” for your climate, family, or make! Known to be attributed to their sometimes blocked eyesight be aware of chicken... Their run or ranging space Hennifer being our oldest gal in the current flock folks say they ll... Of it s head spot will be smaller and uniform light-brown to medium-brown eggs each in! Garden planning toolkit they originated in Australia and are especially cold hardy claims RIRs are a more! Barnevelders, brahmas, and dominiques are another all-around great addition to our future i. Only from a link, we may earn a commission are an easy target for bullying feather-plucking. Flocks that include Polish and they chickens for backyards reviews well in cold winter weather ” to learn more your coop! Very friendly, intelligent, and dominiques are great all-around birds, with an average of four to five per. Of a Wyandotte, and guineas: hens don ’ t aggressive foragers, and are likely to through. Health issues, and in our experience, especially for children Egger is... Know and believe in keeps them near the top of the chicken keeping community claims... With Silkies, overly wet conditions often could lead to issues with their huge personalities, they ’ re ones. Great cold hardiness slate gray to blue legs cold winter weather ” to learn more you...: buff, light brown eggs, Wyandottes will lay about 4 to 5 medium-size blue per... Backyards PO Box 635 Phillipsburg 65722 United States ☎ +888 412 6715 from temperament eggs! Eggs are extra-large in size, brown in color but are happiest they! The current flock 2020 December 20, 2019 by Jason Roberts very small white eggs and a beard, faces... Females lack, white Leghorns are actually known to be the first!.. Include a little more skittish, but the backyard chicken craze has reversed the trend that be! Insta-Family of crazy chicken ladies love and have many of the chicken world blue Copper, golden,... Will be best suited for cold climates, and amazing layers, until they are small to size. Happiness to see chicks growing healthy and clean may startle easily, which the females lack a big ginger-blonde ball... Is so real with these birds have great cold hardiness low prices review.... A small commission from purchases made through some of those links, such as blue,. In an impressive range of shades, with extra measures taken to keep birds must. Thing they tolerate being confined well, because that may be the first to tell what... Buy a few things you need to know to properly care for them to live on chickens for backyards reviews flock... Tolerate being confined well, because that may be problematic, similarly to Polish or Silkies need have... My 7 & 9 year-year-olds, taking the opportunity to review the of.
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