ProQuest ebrary. The Roman Forum was the scene of public meetings, law courts, and gladiatorial combats in republican times and was lined with shops and open-air markets. padding-left: 20px; [50] Since the Temple of Saturn also functioned as a bank, and since Saturn was the god of the Golden Age, the sacrifices were made in hope of financial success. [9] (In addition to the Via Sacra, the Forum was accessed by a number of storied roads and streets, including the Vicus Jugarius, Vicus Tuscus, Argiletum, and Via Nova.). Richmond, Ian Archibald, et al. There are also: Other markets were known but remain unidentifiable due to a lack of precise information on each site's function. ; Welin, Erik, Studien zur Topographie des Forum Romanum (Lund 1953) 75-96; Nash 1961 (wie Anm. [35] In 1452, the ability of the maestri to issue their own excavation licenses was revoked by the Bull of Nicholas V, which absorbed that power into the Vatican. Some 130 years later, Julius Caesar built the Basilica Julia, along with the new Curia Julia, refocusing both the judicial offices and the Senate itself. Map of the antique downtown Rome Map detail with highlighted Templum Saturni Educational events 10. Überlegungen zu Funktion und Bedeutung von Gebäude F auf der Athener Agora und der Regia auf dem Forum Romanum. Particularly important and unprecedented political events took place in 133 BC when, in the midst of riots in and around the Forum, the Tribune Tiberius Gracchus was lynched there by a group of Senators. Diese Seiten werden kostenlos für Kinder [citation needed], During the Republican period the Comitium continued to be the central location for all judicial and political life in the city. [37], Within the context of these disputes over jurisdiction, ruins in the forum were increasingly exploited and stripped. padding-top: 4px; Forum Romanum (latin för "det romerska torget", på italienska Foro Romano) var i det antika Rom ett torg som utgjorde ett politisk, socialt, religiöst och juridiskt centrum. Events taking place in the Forum included: 1. position: relative; ), CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, The close relationship between the Comitium and the. First, they stood next to the senate house; during the late Roman Republic they were placed in front of the Basilica Porcia. Many of the oldest and most important structures of the ancient city were located on or near the Forum. It was here at the Vulcanal that, according to the story, the two parties laid down their weapons and formed an alliance. Menschliche Krankheiten Herz - Zusammenfassung Kurzlehrbuch Biologie Inneren Organe des Menschen und ihre Funktionen Forum Romanum Forum Romanum 1 - Zusammenfassung Menschen, die Europa bauten: Geschichte in Geschichten Vage - Vokabeln The Temple's location and reconstruction of adjacent structures resulted in greater organization akin to the Forum of Caesar. Forum Romanum bylo v dobách antického Říma centrum veřejného dění ve městě i v říši. By the Imperial period, the large public buildings that crowded around the central square had reduced the open area to a rectangle of about 130 by 50 meters. [16] Especially notable was the move of the comitia tributa, then the focus of popular politics, in 145 BC. An alliance formed after combat had been halted by the prayers and cries of the Sabine women. Vom Forum Romanum ist mir ein solcher Tempel auch nicht bekannt, wohl aber vom Kapitol, wie hier bereits erwähnt.Er hieß Juno Moneta, und hier kannst du mal… [21] Almost two years later, Marc Antony added to the notoriety of the Rostra by publicly displaying the severed head and right hand of his enemy Cicero there. Victorious generals entered the city by the western Triumphal Gate (Porta Triumphalis) and circumnavigated the Palatine Hill (counterclockwise) before proceeding from the Velian Hill down the Via Sacra and into the Forum. According to tradition, the Forum's beginnings are connected with the alliance between Romulus, the first king of Rome controlling the Palatine Hill, and his rival, Titus Tatius, who occupied the Capitoline Hill. Hier befanden sich Marktstände und Buden, die Geschäfte des Alltags wurden abgewickelt. Im Laufe dieser Zeit kam es zu einer Verlagerung der Funktion des Forums. Besides the Arch of Augustus, which was also constructed following a Roman victory against the Parthians, it is the only triumphal arch in the Forum. The Forum Romanum suffered some of its worst depredations during the Italian Renaissance, particularly in the decade between 1540 and 1550, when Pope Paul III exploited it intensively for material to build the new Saint Peter's Basilica. Download the Map of Roman Forum in PDF. The return of Pope Urban V from Avignon in 1367 led to an increased interest in ancient monuments, partly for their moral lesson and partly as a quarry for new buildings being undertaken in Rome after a long lapse. In der Zeit der Republik fielen hier wichtige politische Entscheidungen. [48] The temple originally was to be built to the god Jupiter but was replaced with Saturn; historians are unsure why. The arch closed the Forum's central area. As political speeches, civil trials, and other public affairs began to take up more and more space in the Forum, additional fora throughout the city began to emerge to expand on specific needs of the growing population. Other fora existed in other areas of the city; remains of most of them, sometimes substantial, still exist. The earliest basilicas (large, aisled halls) were introduced to the Forum in 184 BC by Marcus Porcius Cato, which began the process of "monumentalizing" the site. [7] Because of its location, sediments from both the flooding of the Tiber and the erosion of the surrounding hills have been raising the level of the Forum floor for centuries. : The Roman Forum. [citation needed], An important function of the Forum, during both Republican and Imperial times, was to serve as the culminating venue for the celebratory military processions known as Triumphs. Building projects of several consuls repaved and built onto both the Comitium and the adjacent central plaza that was becoming the Forum. In den ersten Jahrhunderten der Republik war deutlich eine Zweiteilung zu erkennen: Während der nordöstliche Bereich des Forums, das Comitium, das politische Zentrum der Stadt bildete, waren andere Bereiche des Platzes vor allem wirtschaftlichen Tätigkeiten vorbehalten. DuMont, Köln 1975, ISBN 3-7701-0707-1, S. 32–39. Im Fall des Comitium lässt sich diese Aufwertung archäologisch lediglich durch die Anlage einer ersten Redne… In 63 BC, Cicero delivered his famous speech denouncing the companions of the conspirator Catiline at the Forum (in the Temple of Concord, whose spacious hall was sometimes used as a meeting place by the Senators). He also reconstructed the rostra at each end of the Forum and added columns.[23]. } One of these recent discoveries includes a tufa wall near the Lapis Niger used to channel water from nearby aquifers. After the building of Trajan's Forum (110 AD), these activities transferred to the Basilica Ulpia.  Alle    Länder der Erde     Europa     Italien     Rom     Forum Romanum - Foro Romano,