Although in pain, Morgana laughs at his attempts to thwart her plans and bids him farewell, as she uses strong magic to trap Merlin in the Crystal Cave once and for all. You can't blame me for my father's sins.". 28 k mentions J’aime. Arthur and Merlin are out on a hunting trip by themselves and all seems well…until they are ambushed by a group of Morgana's men. When Morgana returned to Camelot, already planning on bringing on Uther's downfall, she pretended to respect and love Uther, yet secretly rejected any kind of Uther's affection and fatherly love towards her, even when he confessed in tears his deep love for her in front of the court during a feast that was held to celebrate her safe return. This furthered her antipathy towards Uther and may have caused her an element of shame for not being Gorlois’ true daughter, though Morgana's feelings towards Gorlois are not made explicit beyond her claiming to Queen Annis that she was working with her in order to honour him. Unbeknownst to anyone in the room, Arthur and Merlin are also present, witnessing the event through a grate in the wall. Katie McGrath almost didn't get the role of Morgana. Eine Flucht scheint aussichtslos. A deeply distraught Uther points out that innocent people are suffering, but Morgana angrily retaliates by saying she is merely mirroring the extreme persecution that dominated his reign. Her love for that creature made her suffer more than she ever thought possible. Das Serienfinale steht bevor! Unbeknownst to Arthur, Morgana was, in fact, responsible for Uther's decline, and she continued to plot against the king in secret (The Tears of Uther Pendragon). After Morgana recovers, she and Agravaine arrange to have Gaius kidnapped in order to learn the identity of Emrys. The second episode brings Mordred to the center stage as he journeys with the Saxons and the two prisoners—Arthur and Merlin—to the fortress in Ismere where Morgana is. Arthur and Morgana, in one of Camelot's feasts for Arthur's victory. Merlin is initially quite awestruck by the Lady Morgana and watches her flirtatious interaction with Arthur at the feast. Despite his own suspicions, Merlin covers for her when Arthur wonders why she is the only one not affected by the spell, claiming that Gaius must have given her a draught that fights off the sleeping plague before he succumbed to it himself. He made me who I am. See more of Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer on Facebook. When Morgana has Arthur at her mercy, Mordred stabs her in the back and pushes her aside, which completely ruins their relationship, as Morgana looks hurt and betrayed, while Mordred does not have have any sympathy left for her (Arthur's Bane). Als Morganas Schwester Morgause nach Camelot kommt, muss sie im Kampf gegen die Magie eine Seite einnehmen. Agravaine informs Morgana of Arthur's intentions to marry Gwen, thus realising Morgana's visions of Gwen becoming queen. Then, for reasons unknown, Aithusa the white dragon appears and heals the injured Morgana, thus reviving her. Dort dringen sie in Morganas Burg ein und es gelingt ihnen, die in dem unterirdischen Steinbruch eingesperrten Ritter zu befreien. After Finna got Merlin's sword, when she was wounded, Morgana and her men found her and she demanded to know from her where Emrys is. Unaware that the disease is magical, Gaius is unable to help. Any friend of Camelot is an enemy of mine. Gaius’ former good opinion of Morgana was stripped away and he was highly suspicious of her when she returned. Morgana later used an enchantment on Arthur's sword to make it ten times as heavy when he fought Derian in single combat in an attempt to have him killed (His Father's Son). She showed very powerful magic when she was able to swiftly defeat four Knights of Camelot, killing two of them. Morgana therefore goes to summon Lancelot and molds his resurrected self, devoid of memory and his former sense of morality, for her malignant purposes. After this, Morgana began to plot against her half-sibling while he remained a doting brother, even risking his life to go back into Cenred's stronghold to rescue her, unaware that it was a trap to get him killed (The Castle of Fyrien). When he died and I took you into my care, you fought me from the beginning. After having Merlin's magic temporarily removed, Morgana seals him in a cave, mockingly telling him that he would not mess with her plans again. Not Now. Morgana proved to be Arthur's advisor and moral compass early on as she was the only one who could get him to confront and defy his father by doing what he knew in his heart was right. Hope u like it. Her darker characteristics are largely the product of external influences while her truer nature was portrayed as one of immense compassion. I thought we could play a little game. As soon as Elyan reveals the information, she sends Agravaine to Ealdor in search of Arthur, warning him that if he should fail her again he will receive the same treatment as Elyan. You should choose your allies more carefully. She meets with Gwaine and Percival, who knew of Arthur's location, and although Percival manages to stab through her, she survives and manages to defeat both of them. After the death of Gwen's father, Morgana conspired with the sorcerer Tauren to kill the king, believing Camelot would be better off with Arthur on the throne, but when Uther expressed his regret over Tom's death, admitting he was arrogant and foolish, she aborted the plan at the last minute. Morgana Pendragon is glad to be finally accepted. She reminds him of how Arthur would react if he knew, but believing in Arthur, Mordred replies that one day Arthur will change his mind about magic and refuses to tell her where Emrys is. After Merlin poisoned her and Morgause stole her away, Uther was distraught, blaming himself. Morgana looks upon Uther's face and she sees him screaming. When Helios reported that Kilgharrah had killed all of Agravaine's men, Morgana asked about his well being and when she learnt of his death, she was clearly shaken, whether because she was mourning his death, or because she was simply afraid for herself (The Sword in the Stone). 18.12.2017 - Erkunde lalala 54321s Pinnwand „Merlin die neuen Abenteuer“ auf Pinterest. Merlin seasons 1- 5, Merlin unusual pics Movie. It is still unknown exactly how she managed to escape from Camelot while fighting her way out, but she somehow managed to make it into the woods, still with a stab wound in her side and having been recently thrown to the floor by Merlin's magic. However, she has been grievously wounded in the process and ends up staggering through the forests alone, collapsing as she goes. Gwen is sentenced to death and, seeing Morgana's cold smile on hearing her sentence, finally realises that she is behind it all. Morgana often went to Gaius for potions that were supposed to help her with her nightmares, which were sometimes effective but more often not. After Camelot successfully parried off the attack, Morgana kept pretending to be Uther's loving ward and used his trust against him because in fact, she hated Uther beyond belief. Her grief for Morgause augmented her powers to an extremely high degree, although it is unknown to what extent she was actually in control of the magic (The Coming of Arthur: Part Two). She helps Merlin and Arthur defeat the Afanc that Nimueh used to poison the water supply despite them telling her it is too dangerous (The Mark of Nimueh). Contact Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer on Messenger. Despite being raised together, Arthur and Morgana developed an attraction for one another at some point. She finds him and taunts him that he is going to die. Nonetheless, she continues to carry out her plan and gives him a single mission: destroy the relationship between Arthur and Gwen. From early on, Morgana also shows signs of a darker side. There it is, finally! We all have our secrets and, unfortunately for Guinevere, I know hers. Though she suspected his having a hand in many of her foiled plans, she first met him face to face when she caught him going through her possessions. Morgana also stated that, as a child, she used to help Gorlois with his armour. 28,422 people like this. Her bitterness over her father's death and Uther's pivotal role in it causes her great turmoil and ambivalence towards her guardian. However, this happens at the top of a stone staircase, causing Morgana to fall down the stairs as she flinches from the fire. The High Priestess also can't understand how despite all her powers Arthur continues to defy her. Morgana's bond with Mordred was further cemented when she stayed with the Druids to learn about her developing powers, but their time with one another was cut short when guards stormed the camp. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 1426 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Having someone to talk with about her magic was a relief for Morgana, and Alvarr knew exactly how to play her so she felt they were kindred spirits, despite the fact that he had a woman in his band. Though Agravaine had warned Morgana she could not trust Helios, Helios did not show any signs of intending to betray Morgana and continued to ensure her well-being. Arthur mistakenly believes that Morgana and Merlin have romantic feelings for each other (The Nightmare Begins). TV Show. Despite his affection for her, Uther was willing to punish her for such defiance, and once had her put in chains in the dungeon for challenging him. Morgana becomes concerned when she dreams that Arthur is murdered by a young girl. Viele Grüße Euer SUPER RTL-Team Link: Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer @ Facebook;D (Liebe Mods, taggt bitte meinen Eintrag. Merlin besitzt nämlich eine besondere Gabe, die jedoch von Uther Pendragon, dem König von Camelot, verboten worden ist - Magie! Create New Account. As they make camp, Arthur reveals his plan to sneak into the castle through tunnels known only to Uther and a few others of the royal court. Morgana's subsequent screams of fury bring the walls of the throne room crumbling down around them, forcing Merlin, Gaius and Lancelot to flee. Gwen flees, but alerts Helios and Morgana to her presence in doing so. The reunion was clearly tense with Morgana's expression conflicted as Arthur commented he "thought we were friends", to which she, evidently torn, replied, "as did I". Collin morgan. Three years later, after her imprisonment, Morgana's resentment for Guinevere stealing her throne grows even more. Merlin and Morgana have long awaited to be freed. As they are about to strike him down, an unknown force causes the cave to crumble, and Morgana is knocked unconscious by Merlin's Magic, although it is currently unknown if she saw him (Another's Sorrow). Offizielle Facebook-Seite von "Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer" Impressum: Statistics Morgana once used telekinesis to cause her dagger to follow Merlin wherever he moved, which would have been certain death for him had Alator not intervened and, catching her by surprise, knocked Morgana out with a stunning spell (The Secret Sharer). After her overthrow, Morgana was imprisoned with Aithusa by the warlord Sarrum, who wanted to erase magic from the land. However, Morgana continually remained ignorant to the fact that Merlin was in fact the Emrys foretold to be her doom (The Secret Sharer), still believing he was merely an unusually troublesome servant of Arthur's, although she discovered it through Mordred's betrayal of Arthur (The Drawing of the Dark). Merlin tells her she fails to understand loyalty, a claim which she quickly refutes, claiming she merely has none left to be loyal to. Unaware that the disease is magical, Gaius is unable to help. After this, Arthur admits that he hates her, however, it is unclear if he only said this to gain Sarrum's trust or if he has actually given up on his sister (The Hollow Queen). It's what's happening. I seek revenge for wounds they have inflicted, as do you. After Mordred is killed during her fight with Arthur, Morgana's hatred extremely grows for her brother. Once I'm crowned Queen of Camelot, you may indulge yourself all you wish. Every day I must look Uther in the eye knowing that if he were to discover who I really am, he'd have me killed. There, Morgana sympathises with her former friend, gives her food to eat and talks to her about her own journeys during those years. Actor. Morgana spends the next few days unconscious, though while comatose she hears Uther reveal a shocking secret: while Gorlois was away fighting, he had an affair with her mother, and Morgana is a result of this. This distracts the knights of Camelot long enough for Morgana to enter the city with the bulk of her forces. And he's right. Morgana and Arthur, right before her defeat. When he left to go to battle, at some point he called to Uther for reinforcements. Morgan and her sisters were schooled in a nunnery after the death of her father, upon which Igraine became wife of Uther Pendragon. Morgana is immediately aware of Uther's death and when Agravaine comes to her she appears vulnerable, commenting that she felt Uther's pain as he died and seems disturbed by the idea of her biological father's death. Despite Merlin's Dragonlord powers however, Aithusa was very loyal to Morgana and never showed any signs of betraying her even when under Merlin's influence. Colin Morgan & Bradley James. She uses Aithusa's breath to forge a sword for her proudest warrior, Mordred, so he can kill Arthur with it. Merlin soon finds the mandrake root and suspects Morgana, following her when she goes to meet Morgause. When Morgana received visions of a future where Gwen was Queen of Camelot, she was incensed that Gwen would one day rob her of her birthright, so she subtly revealed Gwen and Arthur's courtship to Uther and framed Gwen for enchanting Arthur in order to stop this future from happening. Gaius later realises that the only way to completely get rid of the Fomorroh is to kill the mother beast, which he informs Merlin of after paralyzing the creature temporarily and giving Merlin back his mind. Merlin View Merlin. She also meets with Mordred at some point. She goes to Gaius and tells him she fears she has magic. Helios also displayed a protectiveness of Morgana when her powers failed her and Arthur was launching a counter-attack, pushing her behind him and taking on Arthur himself. After this, the foretold alliance happens: Morgana forges a sword equivalent to Excalibur and hands it to Mordred, calling him her proudest warrior. Morgana's fear about her magic being found out. Weitere Ideen zu neue abenteuer, merlin, abenteuer. Offizielle Facebook-Seite von "Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer" Impressum: Sir Bediverewas a Knight of the Round Table. Liebe Merlin-Fans, wir bekommen immer wieder Anfragen, wann unser Lieblings-Magier endlich wieder im TV zu sehen sein wird. Morgana seemed finally victorious over Gwen by resurrecting Sir Lancelot and using him to come between Arthur and Guinevere, which led to the latter's exile. Uther is fatally stabbed, and in the ensuing days, a desperate Arthur even resorts to seeking magical intervention to heal his father. Morgana goes to a merchant and asks for a poison that will kill slowly and painfully. You need never be alone again. And just as Morgana was fiercely protective of Arthur, he, in turn, did everything in his power to keep her safe and happy. What if it chooses you? Morgana Pendragon thanks Arthur for the present. Uther suspected her involvement, emotionally warning that whoever was responsible had betrayed him, but Morgana stayed defiant. Uther suspects nothing (The Crystal Cave). In Zeichen des Unheils überredet sie Arthur, sie und Merlin bei der Suche nach d… Morgana has persistently been strongly opposed to Uther's ruthlessness towards magic and protested his decision to execute Mary Collins' son, Thomas (The Dragon's Call), due to her belief that magic is an inherent quality rather than an active choice (The Beginning of the End). Wenn es sein muss, missachtet er dafür sogar die Befehle seines Vaters. In spite of her apparent callous antipathy, on rare occasions, Morgana shows a sorrowful melancholy that she herself does not expect to feel, such as upon the death of Uther, the resurrection of Lancelot as a mere shadow of his former glory and her confrontation with Arthur. The relationship between Morgana and Aithusa. Morgana resisted attending this celebration, expressing to Uther her sympathy for Mary Collins and her abhorrence for the Great Purge because of the lives taken to accomplish Uther's endeavour to eliminate magic from Camelot. This nature has arguably not disappeared due to the melancholy she sometimes showed and she does at times reveal a vulnerable side of herself, such as her shock and hurt on hearing of Agravaine's death, her deep conflict at seeing Arthur again, her fear at being rendered powerless and her elation at being healed by Aithusa. Afterwards, Morgana visits Uther in the dungeons, mockingly calling him "father". When Uther's soldiers killed Gwen's father, Tom, Morgana was enraged on her behalf to the extent where she participated in a plot to kill the King, but later changed her mind. As a matter of fact, she felt great pleasure in tormenting Uther with a mandrake root, a magical tool that brings the most tormenting thoughts and emotions of the victim to the surface. Oft gelingt es ihr auch, Arthur auf ihre Seite zu ziehen, wenn dieser mal wieder stur den Worten seines Vaters gehorcht. Despite Merlin's attempts to thwart her, Morgana is able to alert Morgause and Cenred to the tunnels, and their men are waiting to ambush the party from Camelot. Morgana is therefore poisoned by a reluctant Merlin, who on Kilgharrah's advice sees it as his only option, and as Arthur fights Morgause's knights Morgana begins to suffocate as the hemlock enters her system, falling unconscious after realising that Merlin has poisoned her. Artist. SirMontague was a Knight of Camelot. Morgana's initial agreement was solely for Mordred's sake, as she wanted Alvarr to get the boy out of Camelot before they were caught, and when she delivered the crystal to their camp Mordred ran to embrace her. L'histoire De La Ville De Kalemie. One year later, Morgana's magical powers had grown under Morgause's continued tutelage, and she finally became a High Priestess of the Old Religion. Merlin - Die Neuen Abenteuer Vol. or. You're Arthur's servant, nothing more. Trainspotting. She has grey-green eyes and pale skin. Morgause has Cenred kidnap Gwen and her long lost brother, Elyan. She always takes issue with his cruel and unjust persecution of magic-users, believing that his punishments are unfair and unfitting. See More triangle-down; Pages Liked by This Page. I am your one true ally, my lady. She described it as seeing "nothing but darkness" (Arthur's Bane:Part One). She stands over Gwen, promising she will see Arthur again, but then enchants her to transform her into a deer. Merlin Fanpage deutsch Deutschland BBC Fantasy Drama Serie 2008 2009 2010 2011 Zauberer Mittelalter News Drehorte Darsteller Über die Serie Episodenguid (The Witchfinder), Making Morgana Pendragon the vessel of an enchantment. Elyan rushes to save his sister and succeeds in doing so, sacrificing his own life in the process. Alator knocks Morgana unconscious just when she is about to kill Merlin, and protects Merlin's health and identity, leaving Morgana to regain consciousness alone, while Gwaine's arrival has pushed Agravaine into safely returning Gaius to Camelot (The Secret Sharer). Morgana somehow reaches Nemeth, which has been conquered by Odin. As the King's ward, Morgana's birthday celebration is a lavish event, attended by many noble families of Camelot. In the end, Merlin only defeated her by using his magic, of which she was unaware. The depth of Morgana's attachment to Morgause was shown when the latter was seriously injured by Merlin and Gaius since Morgana was visibly distraught, and her screams of anguish proved to be powerful enough to destroy the throne room walls. Movie Character. Morgana also requests from Gwen one last thing: then give Sarrum a painful death, which Gwen agrees to do with pleasure. The pair remained friends until Merlin discovered that Morgana had once again allied with Uther's enemies in forming a bond with Morgause. He was not named until the moment before he was killed off screen (Le Morte d'Arthur). The tryst might have been to tarnish his sterling image, turn him against Arthur or just because he loved Genevieve. Morgana herself pursues Gwen through the forests, easily catching her up.
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